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With the rise of cross-border e-commerce and customs policy support, we are the first company in Qingdao to engage in cross-border e-commerce logistics business. Relying on the absolute advantages of Huangdao bonded warehouse, we opened the cross-border e-commerce B2C mode in Qingdao, and our Yantai, Weihai branch can be carried out simultaneously. In order to develop cross-border e-commerce, we built the ShangLeYiPin online store in 2016. ShangLeYiPin cooperate with a number of e-commerce platform and integrated services platform, and Its main business is cross-border e-commerce import business and domestic mall business.

1. “ShangLeYiPin”(original name was “ShangLaiPin”) is an online store. It was set up by Qingdao JingDa Logistics co., LTD. for developing cross-border e-commerce, in 2016. The cross - border direct purchase goods of our online store are imported by the way of “cross-border e-commerce retail import” at the customs, and will according to customs regulations to pay tariffs. The order information, payment information and waybill information will be docked with the customs clearance platform. As the business growing,our company has carried on the comprehensive upgrade to the system of “ShangLeYiPin”.

2. “ShangLeYiPin” has become an online integrated mall of selling the overseas goods of cross-border e-commerce import and the quality goods of direct supply of domestic manufacturers. The main products of the mall: such as cross-border direct purchase goods: Korean cosmetics, Japan cosmeceuticals, maternal and child products and health care products; and direct supply goods of domestic manufacturers: clothing, furniture, household goods, food, etc.

3. “ShangLeYiPin” has three entrances: PC mall, APP store and WeChat mall, so it will be very convenient for customers to shop anytime and anywhere by their own Internet habits.

4. The “Jundong Logistics” who is located in the Qingdao bonded logistics park is belong to our company. As an electronic business warehouse, the B2B2C goods of “ShangLeYiPin” will be declared at the customs, warehoused, sorted and distributed in “Jundong Logistics”.Through the use of advanced computer management system and professional operators, “Jundong Logistics” warehouse not only ensure receipt and delivery of goods timely and accurately, but also ensure the mall and warehouse data real-time synchronization.

5. The Korean overseas warehouse of QINGDAO JD CARGO INT'L CO.,LTD. was set up officially, on July 18th, 2016. The Korean overseas warehouse of QINGDAO JD CARGO INT'L CO.,LTD will provide professional through-train service which is from procurement to customs clearance.

6. As the first freight forwarders company who can make customs clearance smoothly with Cross-border e-commerce business model in Qingdao Airport,QINGDAO JD CARGO INT'L CO.,LTD. always walk in the forefront of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

7. ShangLeYiPin online store is B2C business model, that is, our company provide a new shopping platform for consumers through the Internet, and consumers can purchase global high-quality goods from this platform.

8. Platform advantages:
1) Receive supervision and ensure the quality of goods.
2) Shorten the logistics cycle, improve the efficiency of transactions by building domestic bonded warehouses and direct supplying of domestic manufacturers.
Platform aim:
occupying the sales market with the best quality products and services.
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