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Exclusive package board of Lufthansa

Our company is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China and the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and is an international airfreight forwarder company accredited by the China air transport association.

We have signed a core agency agreement with airlines such as LH、KA、BR、NH、CI、KE、CA、MU、SC、DL and so on.

In 2012, our company reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Lufthansa Qingdao Office. Relying on our collection capacity in the Shandong air freight market, we have packed a package of non-stop flight from Qingdao to Frankfurt and carry the whole territory of Europe. We have strong ultra low freight price and aristocratic services on the European line, so we can seckill Qingdao or even the Shandong peninsula's air freight market.

The contact way of consulting freight price:
Manager Hu :  86-532-84710051;  400-102-6607 switch to 208
Miss He :  86-532-85068165;
Manager Liu :  86-532-84717763;

Just a call, your goods will arrive at the destination and be delivered to your customers.

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