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Maritime NVOCC

We have the maritime NVOCC business qualification approved by the Ministry of communications of the People's Republic of China. (The certificate picture is as follows)

Our shipping business has the following three sections:
1. FCL export
1) Dominant freight price:  We have been with the shipping company signed an agency agreement  such as SINOTRANS, SITC, GOTO, SHIPPING, CCL, HAPAG-LLOYD, MINSHENG, Shanghai Jjiang and so on, So we have the most favorable freight price. Especially in Japanese route, Busan, the European basic port, we have the lowest freight price in Shandong. And some goods of  European and American  have a contract price.
2) Guarantee berth:  We have a good relationship with the contracted shipping company, so we can guarantee the shipping space during the peak season.
2. Professional LCL
1) The direct LCL of Qingdao to Japan's basic port:
  Time: Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday;
  The shipping company is: SITC, SINOTRANS, COSCO;
2) The direct LCL of Qingdao to Shimonoseki:
      Time: Every Monday, Thursday;
      The shipping company is: ORIENT FERRY;
3) Qingdao to Busan:
      Time: Every Wednesday, Saturday;
      The shipping company is: PANOCEAN、SINOKOR. It can transfer to the basic point of central and South America.
We also provide European and American, Southeast Asian and other regional cargo service.
3. Rapid customs clearance for marine imports
We have an office in Huangdao, specializing in customs declaration, inspection work, and the office is 200 meters away from Huangdao Customs. Our company enjoys the qualification of Senior Customs certification enterprise and is one of the top 100 customs declaration enterprises in China. With professional customs clearance team and high level of customs declaration, our customs declaration amount is firmly in the top of Huangdao customs.
Based on the above advantages, when our customer service staff received the PRE-ALERT, they will contact the consignee immediately and prepare the documents in advance. If there is no abnormal situation, customs clearance will be completed within 24 hours after the arrival of the goods at the port.
Just a phone call, your goods will be delivered to your customers across the sea.

Contact number:
Manager Wang: 86-532-85068172; 400-102-6601switch to219 / 220
Action is better than heart. Please pick up your phone, all our customer service personnel are ready to answer your call.