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Customs senior certification enterprise

In 2015, we first passed the China Customs AEO senior certification, and got the certificate of advanced certification of the customs, and it is the highest level of Customs certification. The qualification is evaluated from the following five categories: internal control, financial status, compliance, trade safety and additional standards.

he following will give you an overview of advanced certification:
Provisions of the Interim Measures for the administration of enterprise credit administration of the People's Republic of China customs: according to the enterprise credit situation, the enterprise is identified as: identified enterprise, general credit enterprise and dishonesty enterprise, among them, the identified enterprise is divided into general certification enterprises and senior certification enterprises. So we are a top quality certified enterprise.
In the various customs clearance areas of China, the management measures for enterprises with advanced certification are superior to those of general certification enterprises. In addition to the management principles and measures of general certification enterprises, the advanced certification enterprises also apply the following management measures:
1) Before determining the classification of goods, customs valuation, place of origin or other customs formalities for the goods of import and export, we can go through the formalities of examination and release first.
2) The customs will set up coordinators for the enterprise.
3) For enterprises engaged in processing trade, the system of bank margin account is not implemented.
4) All over the world, we can enjoy all customs clearance measures provided by the customs of the countries or regions that have mutual recognition of the AEO certificate.
Attachment: The general certification enterprises apply the following management principles and measures:
1) Lower inspection rates of import and export goods.
2) Simplifing the document examination of import and export goods.
3) Priority for customs clearance formalities of import and export goods.
4) Other management principles and measures stipulated by the General Administration of Customs.

 What is AEO?

"AEO" is short name of the "Authorized Economic Operator", that is "Certified operator". It was initiated by the world customs organization to achieve the goal of global supply chain trade security and facilitation through the building of partnerships between customs and business partners. 64 members of the 180 members of the world customs organization have implemented the AEO system. Among them, the Chinese customs have separately with Singapore, South Korea, Hongkong and the European Union and other countries (regions) customs signed a AEO mutual recognition.
A AEO certified enterprise means that you can enjoy the above-mentioned dividend released by the customs credit management: customs clearance treatment has been improved, customs clearance time has been shortened, customs clearance costs have been reduced, thus further enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in international trade. When AEO enterprises export goods to countries (regions) that recognize AEO each other, they can enjoy convenient import customs clearance from each other's customs.Therefore, carrying out AEO mutual recognition has become an important part of international customs cooperation. As a result, the AEO advanced certification has a high gold content.
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