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Customer Service

1、Strict Personnel Recruitment System

Almost all Qingdao JD staffs have college degree. To become a staff of JD, people are faced with strict filtering. During their probation, all staffs have to get strict training. Before becoming regular workers after their probation, their comprehensive performance during the probation period will be reviewed in written form by their department manager, colleagues, related departments’ manager and other relevant staffs, arranged by the company’s Personnel Department. With the written review, a probation evaluation form will be granted. Then they have to take part in an examination to become regular workers. Only those who pass these two examinations will be employed and become regular workers.

2、Employees’ Educational Background
70% of JD staffs have a college degree or above. Almost all customer service staffs have good command of English. There are also Japanese and Korean translators in our company who will help customers from different countries fulfill their needs and wants. 

3、Computer System

More than 100 computers make up the company’s complete network operating system where a kind of computer software that is designed and developed by professional computer company and our company is used. The software is applied to managing the air and ocean freight system and sharing all business information around the company. The system includes freight rate management, customer archives, management of custom documents, daily operation, financial statistics, cargo checking, truck loading etc. By having all this information managed by computer, information flow keeps pace with logistics.

4、Vehicles and equipments

There are five vans with different sizes that are under customs’ supervision at airport. There are also small-sized vehicles convenient for delivery to satisfy customers’ varied needs of freight of goods with different number of packages, weight or size. Import and export warehouses are all well-equipped with facilities, full-time storehouse keeper and management rules.

5、Customs and Inspection Declaration Agent

JD has full-time customs broker for air freight, ocean freight and bonded logistics. JD’s customs broker is a “Senior Certification Enterprise” recognized by Customs Office and a “National Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprise” for four years. We have a professional customs declaration team, the highest level of customs declaration qualification. Having us take care of your cargo will make you enjoy the VIP service and get yourself rid of worries and efforts.

To sum up, Jingda's strict recruitment system trains excellent customer service staff of Jingda. Jingda's complete computer network, Jingda's own fleet for picking up goods, Jingda's own customer broker...

Each link is checked by Jingda's staff and penetrated with Jiangda staff's idea of serving customers diligently to ensure providing high-quality and complete service for honorable customers. How about it? Mandating your goods to Jingda is your wise and sole choice!