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Cross-border e-commerce

Cross-border e-commerce

Cross-border e-commerce, i.e. cross-border electronic commerce, refers to an international commerce activity that the trading subjects belonging to different customs areas conclude the transaction and conduct payment and settlement through electronic commerce platforms and deliver goods and finish the transaction through cross-border logistics. cross-border electronic commerce has the characteristics of globalization, intangibility, anonymity, instantaneity, paper-free and rapid evolution.

  As the technical basis of promoting economic integration and trading globalization, cross-border electronic commerce has very important strategic meaning. cross-border electronic commerce breaks through the obstacles among countries to make the international trade step into borderless trade and meanwhile it is bringing in the huge revolution of global economic trade.

Along with the rise of cross-border electronic commerce and support of customs policies, to meet customers' plural demands for business, our company successfully enters cross-border e-commerce. Our company is the first company in Qingdao that involves in cross-border e-commerce and the only company in Qingdao that can expand sea and air cross-border e-commerce import and export business. At present, it can operate B2C model and Yantai and Weihai can conduct simultaneously.

The company has had the necessary conditions under B2B2C operation model. The ecommerce warehouse required by B2B2C model has been approved by Qingdao Bonded Logistics Park Jundong Logistics Co., Ltd. which is wholly owned by our company. After this model is open, Jundong Logistics e-commerce warehouse will conduct customs declaration, warhousing, sorting and shipment management through custom-developed and advanced computer management system and professional operators. Not only guarantee timely and correct receipt and dispatch of goods but also guarantee that the data of the mall and warehouse are real-time synchronized.

Besides, our company established "SHANGLEYIPIN" online mall in 2015 in order to develop cross-border e-commerce business. This mall cooperates with many e-commerce platforms and comprehensive service platforms. The main business are cross-border e-commerce import business and domestic mall business.

What's the most important is that the cross-border e-commerce business of "SHANGLEYIPIN" online mall will strictly obey the supervision requirements under No. 26 Document of General Administration of Customs on information of warehouse receipts, bills of lading and declarations transmitted from e-commerce, logistics and payment enterprises to the customhouse. Improvement of data transmission safety, improvement of efficiency and effective supervision of customhouse provide a safeguard network shopping environment.