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JD Logistics

To meet domestic and overseas customers' demands for comprehensive logistics, our company has purchased large, middle and small vans respectively and deploys small cargo vans to meet the demands of different goods volumes and quantities. To save money for our valued customers is the purpose of our company.
Jingda Logistics will meet all your demands  in addition to delivery of goods and picking up goods to deliver your goods through sea. Our company's special declaration and inspection departments can also provide commission customs declaration, commission customs inspection and other extended services and value-added services, land and air one-stop by Jingda to the terminal customer and save more time for you. The following are service contents:
    1. The third-part logistics provides full services from logistics design, integration to construction for production enterprises.

    2. Door-to-door service of various goods from origin to destination

    3. Inventory management service, including JIT delivery service

    4. Modification and clearance services for inventory goods

    5. Commission customs declaration business

    6. Commission fumigation business

    7. Commission customs inspection business

    8. Commission insurance business

    9. The dynamic information of customers' goods consigned including goods warehouse entry, packing, customs declaration, shipment, etc. are recorded on the Internet in no time for customers to refer to.

    10. General information include shipping date, flight information, the latest regulations of customhouse, commodity inspection department and others and various announcements of shipping companies and airlines are recorded on the Internet in time for customers to refer to.


If customers have a demand for vehicle dispatching, please contact with our company's fleet dispatch personnel:

Mr.Lu jie  Office Tel.: 400-102-6607 to 216    Phone No.:  13675327575

Urban Address: Floor 2, Building 1, Haiyue Center, No. 18, Middle Donghai Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City

Tel.: 400-102-6601

Fax: 0532-85068170/85068171

Qingdao Airport: Room 309, Huasheng Gonggang Logistics Park, No. 68, Tianhe Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao City

Tel.: 400-102-6607

Fax: 86-0532-84717791/84717763

Your demand is the direction of Jingda's service.
Your encouragement is the impetus for Jingda to move forward.
If you have a requirement, Jingda will provide you with solutions.
Mandate your goods to Jingda and Jingda will provide you with worriless high-quality logistics service!