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Import by Air

1.Brief Introduction to Export by Air
Qingdao JD International Cargo Agency Co., Ltd. is the largest air freight export cargo gathering company in Shandong Province. We sign with lots of international airlines and launch air freight import and export business together.  We have an agreement of exclusive Unit Load Device with Lufthansa Airline (LH) and have long-term cooperation relationship with Hong Kong Airline (KA), All Nippon Airway (NH), Korean Air (KE), China Airlines (CI), EvaAir (BR) China (CA), China Eastern Airlines (MU) and some other airlines. We have also become a core agent of the above airlines with our cargo volume and advantage of operation.

Airline arrangement and quotation for export cargo
Book flight and handle every business on export according to customers’ booking commission
Cargo packing, picking-up and shipping
Review all kinds of bills and documents given by customers and declare customs or assist in custom declaration
Make all types of documents, and get Certificate of Origin, license, commodity inspection certificate and others.
Custom clearance at destination ports, cargo delivery and relevant services at destination ports
Special cargo operation, including hazardous article, dress hanger containers, frozen cargo, expensive goods etc.

3、Operating Process
Customers tell us the destination port, number of package, weight, size and product name and we will offer the best air route and price in accordance with customers’ requirement of transportation.
2.Accepting Commission
Customers give us cargo information, including: product name, number of package, weight, size of container, destination port, receiver’s name, address, telephone, time of delivery, shipper’s name, telephone, shipper’s address, and Shipper’s Letter of Attorney
3.Booking Space
As soon as we receive booking details from customers, we will inform airlines to book spaces. As for cargo that requires onward journey, we will reserve the onward flight at the same time when we book the space.
4.Delivery and shipping
Customers should give us delivery address for goods require delivery and we will arrange vehicles to take delivery of goods there at appointed time. As for customers who deliver goods by themselves, delivery vehicles can go to the designated entrance lane written on the shipping order to get into cargo area (non-supervision area).
5.Customs declaration
JD, the Senior Certification Enterprise and National Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprise, declares at customs for your cargo.
Operation Department will make a Master Airway Bill according to Shipper’s Letter of Attorney for Air Freight or customer service staffs’ requirement of less container load (LCL). Documents with goods like packing list, invoice will be made on the basis of customers’ needs.
7.Tracking and Enquiry Service
We will always keep close eyes on flight and make sure that all cargos are shipped. Tracking and enquiry will start from accepting customers’ commission and end until cargos arrive at destination port and are taken over by receivers.
8.Disbursement and Settlement


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