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Export by ocean
Import by Sea

Introduction to JD’s advantages in ocean freight

1. Quick Customs Clearance: JD has customs broker in Huangdao, specializing in customs and inspection declaration. The amount of customs declaration is at the top in development zone’s Customs Office. The customs broker is 200 meters away from Huangdao Customs and if there are any emergent problems, it can be solved effectively immediately.

2. Senior Certification Enterprise Customs and National Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprise: the inspection rate of cargos is low; Customers can enjoy the privilege of “green” channel and VIP treatment in customs clearance

3.Bonded Warehouse: JD owns a 500 square meters bonded warehouse. All devanning and distribution of import consolidation are made in warehouse. We promise that cargos can be picked up in 24 hours since import consolidation cargos arrive at port. We also offer warehousing for import enterprise.

4.Door to Door Service: JD owns lots of different large-sized, middle-sized, small-sized vans and therefore is able to offer receivers a quick and convenient door-to-door transportation service. Import cargos can be transferred to every city in North China area by highway transportation.

5.Customer Service: Specially-assigned staffs at specially-assigned post will be responsible for documents making, customs clearance, goods delivery, highway transportation, information feedback, and therefore it can be guaranteed that import cargos will be delivered to receivers in the shortest time.


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