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Export by ocean
Export by ocean

1. Export Full Container Load (FCL): Qingdao JD has power of attorney with SINOTRANS, SITC, GOTO, SHIPPING, CCL, HAPAG-LLOYD, MINSHENG, Shanghai JJ Shipment and other shipping company and enjoys the best freight rate. Shandong Province has the best freight rate especially in Japanese airlines, Busan and European base port. Parts of European and American goods have contract price.

2. Space Guarantee: JD maintains a good relationship with shipping company and makes sure that there will be space during peak period.

3. Professional LCL
1) Qingdao—Japan base port direct LCL: each Tuesday, Friday, Saturday; shipping company: SITC,  SINOTRANS and COSCO

2)  Qingdao—Shimonoseki Direct LCL: each Monday, Thursday; shipping company: ORIENT FERRY

3)  Qingdao—Busan: each Wednesday, Saturday; shipping company: PANOCEAN、SINOKOR; transfer at central South America basic point

4)  Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other region’s LCL service

4、Qingdao JD owns a professional trained operating team and is able to solve all relevant business problems for customers. The Customer Service Department is enabled to keep timely and accurate communication with other departments in the company through computer network and mobile communication; and therefore can keep customers informed of the latest information of cargos.


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